After School Program

After School Programs

We are pleased to provide several popular and exciting after school activities for students of every age and interest. These programs balance grade school children’s enthusiasm with BWS’s educational values.

Our Spring Semester Programs run from January 23rd through June 8.

The first week of classes do not require registration. Your child may sample any courses they are interested in during this first week prior to committing.

Here is our After School Programs Calendar:


Woodworking  Mondays 3-5:30 with Chris Castelli and David Thonis

Woodworking continues—are you ready to work hard, create beautiful projects, increase your skillset, and have some terrific fun? Mr. Castelli anchors this program, and will be working with new woodworker David Thonis. Staffing changes will certainly bring new energy and new projects to one of our most beloved after school programs. Grades 3-8

Introduction to Speech and Theater Arts 3-5:30 with Tosca Giustini

Explore the dramatic arts! In this program, children will learn how to tell stories through monologues, scene study, improvisation, devised theater pieces, and theater games. They will also learn about the history of the dramatic arts, theater’s role in our amazing city of New York, and what it means to be a part of a theater ensemble.  As storytelling is such a crucial part of the Waldorf curriculum, this program allows children to expand upon and more deeply consider what they’ve learned in class by discovering how to tell stories in a different way. There will be an optional performance at the end of the semester so students can hone their skills in front of a live audience. Grades 3-8

Spring Sports Mondays and Fridays 3-5:30 with Orlando Colon

Experience 6 weeks of fencing followed by 8 weeks of net sports (volleyball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, pickleball). Students will learn all the basics of fencing and yell “En Garde!” at each other to their heart’s content. Next up, three major net sports will be explored one at time, giving the students an opportunity to move and exercise while continuing to reap the benefits of team sports. Feel free to sign up for the season, or just for the sport you want. Grades 5-8


Capoeira Tuesdays 3-5:00 (Beginners) and Thursdays 3-5:30 (Advanced) with Professor Curu

Welcome back to Capoeira with Professor Curu of Raizes do Brasil Capoeira! Capoeira is a form of Brazilian martial arts combining dance, music, and acrobatics. The practice began as a form of protest and protection among African slaves brought to Brazil and continues today as an expression of camaraderie and cultural heritage. Through Capoeira, children learn fair play, cooperation, and self-expression while strengthening their bodies and increasing their cultural awareness. Beginners grades 1-3, Advanced grades 4-8

Dance Sports Tuesdays 3-5:30 with Orlando Colon

Weeks 1-8, ice skating at Prospect Park. Weeks 8-14, roller skating. Weeks 15-19, dance fitness. This class incorporates moves from R&B, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo. Feel free to sign up for the whole semester, or just for the sections in which you’re interested! Grades 3-8


Circus Arts Wednesdays 3-5:30 with Dinah Berkeley and Blake Habermann

This semester, Circus is returning with a whole new twist! Instructors Dinah Berkeley and Blake Habermann are members of the award-winning mime group, Broken Box Mime Theater (BKBX). Both Dinah and Blake perform and teach miming and clown throughout New York City. Dinah specializes in clown work and comedy, while Blake studied clowning at the prestigious Lecoq school in France, and specializes in juggling and physical theater. This program will focus on storytelling and the human experience through physicality, broad gesture, and absurdist movement.  Grades 3-8

Fine Arts and Painting Wednesdays 3-5 with Ourania Adani

Calling all artists! In this program, children can hone their painting and drawing skills, working on skills such as line work, shading, color mixing, and more. Students will be able to expand on painting done in the classroom with a more individual approach, explore different mediums, and create a portfolio for middle and high schools. Grades 1-8


Intro to Comics and Graphic Novels Thursdays 3-5:30 with Harry Bogosian

Harry Bogosian is a New York born illustrator and comic book artist. After studying Illustration at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Mr. Bogosian went on to write and illustrate two graphic novels, Demon’s Mirror and A Better Place. He believes that Comics and Graphic Novels are an excellent storytelling medium for any age group, allowing for the immediate conveyance of complex ideas through images. Through this program, students will learn to transform a fairy tale, creation myth, or fable into their own stories by re-telling it in comic form. Mr. Bogosian’s course focuses on the artistry of storytelling, drawing skills, and the imaginative aspects of world-building. Grades 3-8

Eco Arts (formerly Land Arts) Thursdays 3-5 with Ms. Dorke and Ms. Chikako

Explore the art all around us! In this course, students will learn to create beautiful art pieces from plants, found items, and recycled materials. This course promotes the marriage of ecological awareness and aesthetic sensibility, and encourages students to see the world around them as a treasured source of beauty, art, and inspiration. Students will venture outside, collect natural materials, and change their surroundings through their art. Games like “Hide and Seek of Treasures” or “Memory with Found Objects” involve playful movement and help children to see and understand their surroundings while making their own marks, which will remain to be changed again or to vanish through natural influences. Students capture their process through photos taken by their own, handmade pinhole cameras. Grades 1-5


Soccer Fridays 3-5:30 with Sinead Hennessy and Ori Apple

We are excited to introduce soccer into our after school program! Our soccer program will be co-educational and non-competitive. Soccer is a great way to develop teamwork, coordination, and strategy skills. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun!

Spring Sports Mondays and Fridays 3-5:30 with Orlando Colon

(Same as above)


Please contact Martina Bonolis at with any questions.


Private Instrument Lessons

Students in grades 3 – 8 are required to play a violin, viola, cello or double-bass; the school makes lessons easy by providing excellent teachers at excellent prices, in our building, after school.

Tuition for instrument lessons is $1,500 for families paying full tuition and includes 30 classes across the full year and 2 make-up sessions. Payment plans may be established and tuition assistance rates may be applicable for families who receive tuition assistance.

Instrument rentals are recommended through Johnson Strings which delivers instruments to our school and provides reliable instruments and service at competitive rates. Other rental plans may be discussed with the Music Director, Sibylle Johner.

Enrolled family private instrument information and registration.