The Brooklyn Waldorf School is committed to building a student body, faculty, and staff that reflects the economic, cultural and ethnic diversity of New York City.

Our exceptional academic program, accessible tuition, and generous tuition assistance allow us to welcome a widely diverse community.

2016/17 Tuition

Parent-Child: Varies
Nursery & K: $24,179
Grades 1–5: $30,041
Grades 6–8: $30,884

Extended Day (Nursery & K)

5 days per week: $5,763
3 days per week: $3,458

After School (Grades 1–8)


Families are expected to bear the primary responsibility for financing their children’s education. Tuition assistance is available to a limited number of qualifying families. Each application for Tier 2 or Tier 1 tuition assistance is considered individually, recognizing that every family’s financial situation is defined by unique factors including income, assets (including home equity, college funds, and investments), family size, and the number of children attending tuition charging institutions.