This course will be taught by Robbin Schwartz, a licensed massage therapist, certified infant massage instructor, and teacher trained in Waldorf education. The program will address the needs of parents with young babies, birth to crawling. Parents will learn different ways of engaging with their baby using nursery rhyme and song, which also can be used while caring for their baby (for example, during diapering and bathing). In addition, parents will learn to use massage techniques to help support their baby's digestion, to soothe their baby, to improve sleep and nursing patterns, and to ultimately create a stronger bond.

Parents are invited to share their own experience and expertise, and to ask questions.  Robbin will facilitate discussion and offer a Waldorf perspective of early childhood development for this age group. Overall, the class will allow a stress-free environment for parents and caregivers to observe and engage with their infants, in the company of the teacher and other like-minded parents, so that they will become more in tune with their infants.

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Age requirements: Because of the nature of the course, infants should not yet be crawling. 

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