Afternoon Program (Nursery and Kindergarten)

Acorn Caps

The Afternoon Program for Nursery Age Children

Daily from noon to 3 pm

The Acorn Caps Program (12-3pm) is designed for children who attend TBWS nursery classes and who need additional care until 3pm . After having lunch with their lead teachers, Ms Zohar's and Ms Tamar's nursery classes are brought together into one of the nursery classrooms. After lunch, the lead teachers and children clean up and prepare for rest by which time the lead teachers lovingly transition the children to the Acorn Caps teachers. A rest or nap ensues and introduced either through music and/or story. After rest time, the children have time for quiet play in the classroom. Children have a small simple snack, such as apple slices, before dismissal at 3pm.

Little Red Caps

The Kinder Afternoon Program

Daily from 1 to 5:45 pm, with early dismissal at 3 pm

TBWS Afternoon Program for Kindergarten children provides an age-appropriate rhythm and structure for children who need care after regular classes. The afternoon rhythm includes the space to wind down after a busy day in the classroom and provides an ideal opportunity for them to socialize, make new friends from different classes and have time to play in a smaller, more intimate group. On any given day Red Caps children may experience either indoor or outdoor play, crafts, art projects and imaginative building. From spring onwards older children preparing to move onto 1st grade begin to become accustomed to a longer school day. Story and class sharing as the children snack together will bring the afternoon to a close for 3 pm or 5:45 pm dismissal. 

A note on Little Red Caps New dismissal options

Designed with working families in mind, as well as families who have children in both Early Childhood and grade school, the Little Red Caps extended day is an option that provides a safe Waldorf-oriented environment for children. Parents can choose to pick up at 3 pm or 5:45 pm.  See below for details about program costs.


In order to maintain accessibility to families with diverse levels of income, the Early Childhood Afternoon Program tuition will reflect the current tier structure.  This means that Program costs will correspond with the tuition tier that is granted to each family for the 2015-2016 school year. TBWS’s 3-tier tuition system is one of the most significant ways parents of a diverse range of incomes gain access to Waldorf education. It is our hope that this will make TBWS a school that partners with parents in providing Waldorf-based care for children throughout the entire day and week. For this reason, parents will have the flexibility to choose to enroll for the number of days that is suitable for their family.


News & Events

7/1/2015 Annual Fund Totals
We did it! The BWS Annual Fund reached $300,000 with 100% family participation.