Vision: Mission & Values

The Brooklyn Waldorf School is a non-sectarian education center that is part of the growing international Waldorf school movement. In our dedication to the principles of Waldorf® Education we strive to provide an educational experience that meets the needs of the whole child in a developmentally appropriate manner. We are committed to building a school whose student body and community reflect the economic, cultural and racial diversity of Brooklyn, New York. We are also committed to acting as a resource for the greater Brooklyn community by hosting festival celebrations and ongoing parent and community education.

painting by kindergarten student

painting by kindergarten student

In our attempt to realize this mission the school has worked to create and implement a three-tier tuition model, whereby tuition is based in part on a family’s financial resources and assets. This is a conscious attempt to shift our understanding of education away from a standard consumer approach towards a partnership approach. It is also a response to what we see as a flaw in many Waldorf schools in this country – that they serve student populations that are by and large upper-middle class. By a model such as this, we hope to create a school community that is more inclusive, more pedagogically enriching, and more rewarding to all involved.

These values permeate all that we do. We expect all members of our school community to honor and strive to embody these values as we move forward in our growth together.

Respect: We are committed to treating our environment, the broader community and our fellow human beings with respect regardless of our differences, and to demonstrate this respect through open, clear, compassionate communication.

Quality: We strive for excellence by approaching all of our work, both in and out of the classroom, with a deep care and thoughtfulness that is worthy of imitation by our children.

Responsibility: We commit to making responsible decisions which consider 1) the health of our children; 2) the longevity and financial health of the school; and 3) our own actions as citizens of a broader community and world, by taking appropriate time to be reflective and self-aware.

Inclusiveness: We are committed to building a dynamic and inclusive community in which economic, cultural, racial, religious, and sexual diversity are welcome and appreciated.

Innovation: We are committed to seeking innovative solutions and strategies to meet the challenges of the day with a consciousness that frees us from poor habit and dogma.

Joy: We are committed to fostering the joy that deepens the meaning we derive from our work and relationships with one another; a joy that is contagious and visible at every level of our institution.

News & Events

7/1/2015 Annual Fund Totals
We did it! The BWS Annual Fund reached $300,000 with 100% family participation.