In Pursuit of Diversity

circle-combinedWe are committed to building a school whose student body and community reflect the diversity of Brooklyn.

Our three-tier tuition system is unique among independent schools, and is designed to provide access to families across a broad socio-economic spectrum.

Dedicated to the Growth of a Community

Our community practices reflect a culture of welcoming and hospitality, and our families reflect the richness and variety of family experiences and cultural backgrounds in Brooklyn and beyond.

teachers and parents at Scootathon 2010We are committed to acting as a resource for the neighborhood and greater Brooklyn community by hosting festival celebrations and ongoing parent and community education.

The expansive range of facilities at the restored and modernized Claver Castle — from a gymnasium to a wood shop, a theater to a teach-in kitchen — will have the potential to benefit the residents of Brooklyn and further afield.

Joyous in Greening the Environment

naomiadyleavesWe are committed to treating our environment with care and respect and instilling these values in our children and community. Claver Castle will permit us to incorporate direct, hands-on experience with nature’s processes into our curriculum.

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